• October 1, 2023

If Sarah Palin is an Idiot, We Desperately Need More Idiots


Ever since Sarah Palin crashed onto the national scene, she has been a lightning rod for abuse. Even members of our own party have called her everything from uneducated to downright silly.

I cannot tell you just how many liberals have said that Palin can see Russia from her house. Those words were indeed spoken by a true idiot, Tina Fey. (May her career rest in peace)

Time and time again, they try to denigrate her in order to advance themselves. I have come up with a solution.

I ask them point blank if Sarah is an idiot, and of course they say yes. Then I ask that person if they are an idiot. Invariably, they say no. I then post the following:

As mayor of Wasilla:
#1 Took a town that had not grown in 30 years and grew it by adding big box stores. She was able to convince these stores they would be profitable and they are. In tact, Wasilla with a population of just 6300 has 50,000 people shopping there every day It enabled her to cut properly taxes by 75% and personal properly and inventory taxes by 100%. The income from the malls allowed her to do much for the city
* Updated sewer system.
* Repaved every road in Wasilla and added needed infrastructure by getting the new big box stores to chip in.
* Built a multi sport arena for the children of Wasilla.
* Kept a glass jar on her desk with the name and phone number of all residents. Once a week she would pull a name randomly and call them to see what they thought of the city

As Chairperson of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
#1 — As ethics officer, she found there was corruption on the committee being perpetrated by a member of her own party. She went to the head of the commission, the legislature and the governor seeking help in rooting it out. It soon became apparent to her that the corruption was widespread and it needed to be stopped. She got the head of the commission (a republican) and the secretary of state (another republican) to resign and face criminal charges.
#2 — She quit her well paying job, cutting her family income by 60%. Working as a private citizen she was able to not only get the commissioners fired, but thrown into prison to boot.
#3 — Seeing that the corruption ran all the way up to the governor’s office, she decided to run herself and won.

As Governor of Alaska
#1 — Her first act as governor was to veto a popular new law depriving gay couples of the same benefits straight couples get. And this from
the woman dims allude to as a homophobe. It was her contention that her personal beliefs should not enter into governing the state and that all people deserve equal rights. What a fruitcake huh?
#2 — She took on the oil companies and made them increase their payments to the state for the oil and gas they took from there.
#3 — Despite dim hand wringing over her expenses, she was able to make 30% more public appearances as the former governor while cutting the travel expenses by over 80%!!!
#4 — Again cut taxes (this is becoming a habit) while still giving every resident of Alaska checks for 2500 dollars from the increased oil and gas money #4 — Before she knew she was carrying a special needs kid, she adopted a plan to triple the money spent on education for children with special needs.
#5 — In 2008 she was voted a 25,000 dollar pay raise which she refused to accept.
#6— Although dims blame her for the bridge to nowhere, the truth is congress passed the expenditure in 2005, BEFORE she was governor. She pulled the plug on the plan as ((wasteful°.
#7 — Has worked hard to build a gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 states, which would greatly increase the states income while at the same time lowering the heating costs in the lower 48. Others had been trying for 35 years to build it and all of them failed. Sarah succeeded. Soon with TransCanada are building the 26 billion dollar pipeline.
#8 — Went to court to force oil companies to either use their leases or forfeit them. At this juncture I ask them what they have accomplished. Silence. America needs more idiots, and we need them NOWww(


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