• April 19, 2024

If You Could Stop Paul Ryan From Becoming Speaker, Would You? You Can. This Is What You Need To Do.

Most of us had high hope that ‘someone’ within the beltway was finally standing up to the “Establishment” in the Republican party. We cheered as Boehner resigned. We breathed a sigh of relief as Kevin McCarthy stepped away from the heir-apparent position, and we snickered as the “Establishment” scrambled to maintain a power hold in congress. It looked like the well had been poisoned and no one wanted to take the helm. And then . . . Paul Ryan stepped up, feigning aversion to the chair. I don’t know what happened, but I sure would like to know how someone goes from running away from the job to making demands, and then getting a majority of the most conservative elected in DC to support him. I mean, come on! The guy is an “Establishment” lackey. He’ll raise taxes and put revolving doors at the border. Really folks? Is this what you want? We might as well ask Boehner to come back.

If you want to make changes in DC and reduce the power traditionally held by the Speaker of the House, you’re gonna have to do it yourself. You can’t depend on any who are elected to do it for you. So here’s what you do. It’s as easy as dialing your phone or sending an email or even a tweet. I’ve laid it all out for you below.

Melt the phone lines to Washington DC’s switchboards. Send an email. The addys are listed below for you to copy and paste in your address lines. If you have never contacted the privileged inside the beltway before, it’s doubly important for you to make an effort today. One call and/or one email is all it will take to send a message and make your voice heard.

The Capitol Switch Board number: (202) 224-3121

Jim Jordan – Chair, Freedom Caucus (202)225-2676 Email: https://jordan.house.gov and Twitter

Brian Babin TXTwitter:

Rod Blum IA,  (202) 225-2911 Twitter

Dave Brat VA, (202) 225-2815 and Twitter

Jim Bridenstien OK, Twitter

Ken Buck CO,  (202) 225-4676 Twitter

Curt Clawson FL, (202) 225-2536 Twitter

Ron De Santis FL, 202-225-2706 Twitter

Scott Desjarlais OH, (202) 225-6831 Twitter

Jeff Duncan SC, (202) 225-5301 Twitter

Trent Franks AZ, (202) 225-4576 Twitter

Scott Garrett NJ, 201-444-5454 Twitter

Paul Gosar AZ, (202) 225-2315 Twitter

Morgan Griffith VA,  (202) 225-3861 Twitter

Andy Harris MD, 202-225-5311 Twitter

Jody Hice GA, (202) 225-4101 Twitter

Barry Loudermilk GA, (202) 225-2931 Twitter

Cynthia Lumis WY, (202) 225-2311 Twitter

Mark Meadows NC,  (202) 225-6401 Twitter

Alex Mooney WV, (202) 225-2711 Twitter

Gary Palmer AL, (202) 225-4921 Twitter

Steve Pearce NM, (202) 225-2365 Twitter

Scott Perry PA,  (202) 225-5836 Twitter

Ted Poe TX, (202) 225-6565 Twitter

Bill Posey FL, (202) 225-3671  Twitter

Kieth Rothfus PA, (202) 225-2065 Twitter

Mark Sanford SC, (202) 225-3176 Twitter

David Schweikert AZ, (202) 225-2190 Twitter

Marlin Stutzman AZ,  (202) 225-4436 Twitter

Randy Weber TX, (202) 225-2831 Twitter

Ted Yoho FL, 202-225-5744 Twitter

These caucus members publicly reject Ryan as Speaker. Thank them! (Think Progress, 10/21/15 3:31 p.m.)

1. Rep. Justin Amash (202) 225-3831 Twitter

2. Rep. Thomas Massie (202) 225-3465 Twitter

3. Rep. Raul Labrador  (202) 225-6611 Twitter

4. Rep. Walter Jones  202-225-3415 Twitter

5. Rep. Dan Webster  (202) 225-2176 Twitter

Webster is actually running against Ryan and currently holds the endorsement of the Freedom Caucus.

6. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (202) 225-2715 Twitter

7. Rep. Mo Brooks (202) 225-4801 Twitter

8. Rep. John Flemming  (202) 225-2777 Twitter

9. Rep. Mick Mulvaney (202) 225-5501 Twitter

10. Rep. Matt Salmon (202) 225-2635 Twitter

UPDATE 7:00 pm/cst Ryan officially throws his hat into the ring as a Speaker candidate. (CNN)

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