Ilhan Omar spreads misleading viral video of a white cop arresting a black woman [WATCH]

So today, Rep. Ilhan Omar spread a video intending to show how a white cop “choked out” a black woman and how horrible it is:


Another video:

Of course, the doofus doesn’t look into the case, she just spreads the video because she doesn’t care about the truth, she just wants to incite more anger against the police. Well, here’s the rest of the story:

The video circulating on social media involving a use of force incident occurred on December 23, 2018. The Bellevue Police Department thoroughly reviews all use of force incidents and continually re-examines its policies and procedures to ensure they align with best practices. This particular incident was investigated through the department’s Use of Force review process and the department’s complaint process. It was found to be in compliance with department policy.

The police say it was not out of compliance with their policy. So, what do they say happened here?


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