• June 26, 2022

Illegal Alien Gets Busted By ICE And You Won’t Believe Who He Tries To Blame It On [VIDEO]

“When ICE showed up to Robert Espino’s door in DeSoto, Texas to arrest his father, he immediately began recording the takedown so he could use it against authorities later. He’s heard in the live footage shouting at the alleged atrocity that was happening in his home, but also captured something else in the process that he didn’t realize until it was too late.

The issue of deportation of illegals has the country divided in a big way. While illegals obviously don’t deserve to stay just based on their ability to efficiently break the law, the compassion inside us wants to say that there need to be exceptions for families and those that have proved they can contribute.

Many in the immigrant community are up in arms about the crack down on illegals and the deportation that is beginning to happen. However, the video below is a good example of how things aren’t always what they seem.

The man who posted this video is obviously crushed that two of his family members are being arrested by ICE and sent back to their country of origin. It’s unclear if he’s in denial about their past, or if he’s just outright lying to his audience, but there are some things that you need to know about his “law abiding” family.

His Facebook post reads:

“My brother and brother in law were cuffed and taken away from their families they are not drug dealers, rapist, thieves, not even a traffic ticket,” he wrote in the description of the video. “They leave behind wives, sons and daughters. This what Donald J. Trump supporters wanted, to see families torn apart because of where you’re born.”

The simple truth is if you come here illegally and start a family, then you, and you alone, are the one who broke up your family when you get caught, el stupido.

Donald Trump didn’t tell you to come here illegally and start a family. Trump supporters didn’t tell you to come here illegally and start a family.

This is such a STUPID argument. If we put a murderer away in prison his family can’t say that society took the man away from his family. That would be a ridiculous argument, and so is blaming immigration law for breaking up your family when you get caught being here in violation of the law.

Only a moron would think otherwise.



Not even a traffic ticket?

Unfortunately for the pretty PR package that the overly zealous brother/camera man is putting out there is a little deceptive. These guys may not have traffic tickets, but that’s probably only because you don’t wanna get pulled over when you’ve got warrants.

“On Feb. 29, 2000, a Denton County (Texas) Criminal Court convicted Diaz Escobedo of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child for which he received a sentence of eight years deferred adjudication. On March 22, 2017, ICE officers determined that Diaz Escobedo had an outstanding arrest warrant for a probation violation related to this conviction. Consequently, Diaz Escobedo was transferred to the Denton County Jail. ICE placed an immigration detainer on him so that he will be transferred to ICE custody following disposition of his criminal charges,” the press release read.

“Marquez Linares was deported Dec. 16, 2007. He illegally re-entered the United States sometime after being deported, which is a felony. Marquez Linares is currently in ICE custody pending his removal to Mexico,” it added.

Like everything else with this debate the open borders people are nothing but rotten liars.


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