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Illegal Alien Went to Pick Up His Welfare Check But Found This Instead [VIDEO]

An illegal alien was heading to his local welfare office to pick up his monthly check in Austin, Texas, when he got a surprise he wasn’t expecting.  Just before arriving at the welfare office, ICE agents popped up and arrested him.  For eight years Obama not only opened the borders for illegal aliens, he also allowed them to receive government freebies.  President Trump recently signed an Executive Order cutting off illegal aliens from government benefits.

While it’s almost impossible to get an accurate cost assessment of how much money illegal aliens actually cost the American taxpayer, there have been studies conducted by reputable organizations like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), that put the cost in 2011 at around $113 billion dollars a year.

However perhaps more important than how much money is being spent on welfare benefits for illegal aliens, are the number of crimes being committed by illegal aliens.


Recent reports by various government agencies, including the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Sentencing Commission, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Government Accountability Office, the Bureau of Justice Statistics and several state and county correctional departments show alarming data of the 11.7 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S. 13.6% percent comment crimes that require sentencing, out of that group 12% commit murder, 20% kidnapping and 16% drug trafficking.

No doubt picking up illegal alien’s at the welfare office is a step in the right direction, however building the Trump wall, will save American lives, and put a dent to the Mexican drug gangs.

When you add the money it costs to investigate, prosecute and jail these illegal aliens, the burden to the US taxpayer is well above the 113 billion in estimated cost of housing illegal aliens in this country.

According to FY 2014 USSC data, of 74,911 sentencing cases, citizens accounted for 43,479 (or 58.0 percent), illegal immigrants accounted for 27,505 (or 36.7 percent), legal immigrants made up 3,017 (or 4.0 percent), and the remainder (about 1 percent) were cases in which the offender was either extradited or had an unknown status.

Broken down by some of the primary offenses, illegal immigrants represented 16.8 percent of drug trafficking cases, 20.0 percent of kidnapping/hostage taking, 74.1 percent of drug possession, 12.3 percent of money laundering, and 12.0 percent of murder convictions.

The really shocking statistic is that illegal immigrants made up only 3.5% of the population in 2014, yet they made up 36.7% of all federal convictions.  This is why we need the wall and aggressive deportation policies.


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