• October 1, 2022

Imagine this Mans Reaction when he Learns his WIFE of 19 years, is a MAN!

19 years ago, a 64-year-old Belgian man named Jan married the love of his life. And just recently it took him a long time to get her over to Belgium. The government noticed that something was up when all her paperwork didn’t line up. But no one could have guessed her huge secret!


discovered wife was transgender 2

Jan’s wife, Monica, was from Indonesia. And before the two of them got married, she was Jan’s employee. She actually worked as an au pair and took care of Jan’s kids. But did he learn the truth when they got intimate?

Without hesitation, Jan married his children’s nanny. And when the pair had sex, he still didn’t notice that his wife was transgender. When did he find out the truth?

discovered wife was transgender 5

Eventually Jan found some flirtatious messages on Monica’s computer. This was 19 years into their marriage. When he finally heard the gossip about her true origins, he confronted Monica.

Jan was enraged and pushed Monica against the wall after he discovered his wife was transgender. But he stopped short of killing her. “I felt like I was assaulted,”Jan told the local papers. When the truth came out, Jan became determined to get the marriage annulled. “I thought she was an attractive woman,” he said. “She had no male traits.” Do you think he should have known?

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