In the Name of Art: This Woman Lets Strangers Do THIS To Her [WATCH]

Milo Moiré is a Swiss provocative performance ‘artist’. She has a new art exhibit in which she calls, “Mirror Box Performance”. She claims the purpose of her latest exhibit is to bring light to sexual consent, of course, all in the name of feminism.


Milo Moire’s Performance Mirror Box is a social reflection of human sexuality. It is an advanced reenactment of Tap and Tastkinos (1968) and a tribute to the exceptional artist Valie Export, who entered with her performances already in the 1960s for women’s rights. Artist Milo Moiré uses her body as a tool, even as a weapon to power structures represent and break. Offensive she searches for the female expression of sexual self-determination and explores the boundaries of art and bourgeois morality from.  [Translated]

Her take on educating people is a bit out there and some may find it disturbing and maybe even disgusting. Moiré has a history of disturbing and disgusting performance art exhibits, but this may have crossed a line. That is, if there actually is a line anymore.

Moiré has taken to the public square wearing a box around either her chest area or her lower mid section. The outside of the box is mirrored. There is an opening with a little red curtain in both versions.

milo moire

The little opening is so perverts can reach their hands inside and grope and squeeze her bare tatas or fondle and do anything with her penis fly trap. The mirrored box allows the perverts to watch themselves while groping and prodding her like fruit and a slab of meat, along with projecting an image back to the voyeurs who gather around to watch.


Inside the box is a camera so she can record all of the fondling.

“‘The Mirror Box’ performance states that women are equal partners in sexuality, not only receivers,” Moiré told ATTN:, adding, “As a woman, I have — just like any man — the power and the right to possess a sexual nature, and I have to agree before we can have sex.”


Milo says there are rules to this perverted feminist show. “During my performance, for instance, people who put their hands in the box have to look me in the eyes, there has to be interaction. Through the eye contact and the feedback I could see the people, but make it clear what I like, and that is a natural act. People have always been very respectful — I’ve never had to give negative feedback.”

To watch a censored, yet NSFW video of her ‘show’, watch the video below.

For all you curious and thirsty people, you can buy an non-censored version by visiting her website. There, you can also see all of her other provocative ‘art’. Visit Milo Moire HERE.

I really do not see how this is going to teach anyone, anything about consent. Women have the means to have empowerment over their own body in so many ways. This seems like a severe need for attention, as all her ‘art’ projects involve her naked body. Now she has taken literal foreplay to the public square.

What do you think of this so-called ‘art’ and her feminist message?

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