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Incredible Moment When 2 Year Old Saves His Twin From Being Crushed [VIDEO]

Twin brothers, age 2 were playing with their dresser when it fell over and landed on one of the boys.  His brother somehow managed to get it off from his brother and save him and it’s being hailed as an incredible feat.  Falling furniture and TVs injure and kill thousands of children every year, especially when they don’t have a twin brother to save them.



The video, posted on Facebook Sunday by the kids’ parents as a warning of the dangers of tipping dressers, starts with Brock already trapped and crying under the corner of the heavy dresser.

As the boy shifts around, the pressure on his rib cage is terrifyingly obvious.

And with mom Kayli upstairs for just a moment, there are no adults around to help.

But Bowdy doesn’t need adults. He calmly walks around the dresser, trying to figure out how to help his trapped twin, before coming up with a plan.

At first, he tries to lift it up with his bare hands – but it’s just too heavy.

Then he tries pushing it – and the item of furniture slowly but surely begins to move.

Figuring it out: Bowdy takes a few seconds to inspect the dresser as Brock writhes uncomfortably.Hero:

Kayli Oliverson Shoff and her husband Ricky Shoff (right) with one of their sons

Freed: Bowdy then figures out how to push the dresser off his twin, freeing him. Both boys were fine, said their mom, who had stepped out for only a moment

Kayli Oliverson Shoff, who had to defend the publication of the video online, with one of her sons 

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