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Indiana Teacher Arrested For Giving One Student Sex and Another One a Gun

If you are like me, after seeing the picture of the teacher, one thought ran through your head.  “I’ll take a gun.”  Kathryn Hagan, 38, invited a seventeen year old student over to her house and she gave him a Xanax.  Three days later, she invited him over again and she took him to her bedroom.  The two began an inappropriate relationship.  She bought a gun for a second boy, knowing he was going to use it to rob people.  Hagan told the boy to try to retrieve a 10 second video of her and the seventeen year old naked.  She wanted the evidence destroyed.

 Kathryn Hagan, 38, was arrested by detectives with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on accusations that she had an ‘inappropriate sexual relationship’ with a 17-year-old student in March, according to a police statement.

After inviting the teen over to her home, the former Franklin Central High School teacher reportedly gave him Xanax.

Hagan, who was employed as a licensed teacher at the time of the incident, also provided a firearm to a second juvenile student whom she knew intended to use it to commit a crime, police said.

On April 7, the Franklin Township Community School Corporation received an anonymous tip about the relationship between Hagan and the teen.

Students who had copies of the video were trying to blackmail Hagan into giving them higher grades.  Hagan went to work for the School in January and was forced to resign in April.

Hagan has been charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, two counts of child seduction, dangerous control of a firearm, and dealing in a schedule IV controlled substance.

H/T The Mail Online


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