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Investigation of DNC’ Seth Rich’s Murder Takes a New Turn


Four months ago, Seth Rich, an employee of the DNC and who is suspected of leaking damaging information to Wikileaks was shot four times in the back, killing him.  The DC Metro Police made the ridiculous determination that it was a robbery gone bad.  His lifeless body was on the ground but his wallet, watch and phone weren’t touched.  It would have taken less than a minute to grab them and go.  Furthermore, what robber is going to pump four bullets into Rich’s back, knowing the noise would attract people.  Not so an assassin.

The Metro Police have pretty much written off the murder and placed it in the cold case files.  But the investigation is about to be reopened by Rich’s parents.  On November 21, Joel and Mary Rich, parents of the slain 27-year old Jewish staffer, will join lobbyist and lawyer Jack Burkman in the neighborhood where their son was killed and will be trying to get leads on their son’s murder.  The Riches do not want to engage in speculation, but as time goes on the idea that it was a robbery gone wrong becomes less credible.

From Mad World News:

This latest information, that his parents are turning to the community on their own, sends the message that they know the police have placed Rich’s murder as a cold case. Frustrated, the Washington-Metro P.D. has even put up a $25,000 dollar reward for any information.

With all this attention on such a high profile case, the only reasonable conclusion is that this was a professional hit. So, the next question is, “Who would have the motive to hire a professional hitman that a major police department is left baffled trying to find?”

If this was a botched robbery, with all this attention it received, they would have found who did this. After four months and the parents still desperate, knowing something isn’t quite right, it’s got the fingerprints of Bill and Hillary Clinton all over it. Stay tuned, these parents are determined to solve this murder.

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