• June 26, 2022

Investigation of Obama Illegal Funding of Anti-Netanyahu Campaign


Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.) is spearheading an investigation into the Obama caliphate spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to fund a campaign to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israeli prime minister election.  An internal investigation determined that the federal government and the tax exempt charity, OneVoice, violated various federal laws in trying to unseat Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel.  Obama administration officials were found to have deleted emails from the State Department that detailed Obama’s efforts.

Specifically they will be investigating the $465,000 dollars sent to OneVoice, who turned around and gave the bulk of that money to groups in Israel working to defeat Netanyahu, which is prohibited under US law for non-profits.

Sen Perdue said:

“State Department officials utterly failed to follow established procedures and guidelines to properly identify, mitigate, or guard against any risk that OneVoice would misuse these funds before, during, and after the grant period.  As a direct result of these failures, OneVoice was able to use the more than $300,000 grant to build campaign infrastructure and resources which later were deployed in support of a negative campaign against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his Likud Party, and the democratically elected coalition government of Israel during the 2015 Israeli parliamentary election.”

From The Free Beacon:

State Department officials were aware of OneVoice’s partisan activities, but still permitted the grant money to be awarded, according to the senators, who are pushing for the administration to take disciplinary action against the officials involved.

“Despite knowledge of such activities, State Department officials failed to adequately document any assessment of the risk that OneVoice might continue obstructive efforts against a certain political party in the event of an election,” the letter stated.

“State Department grant policies and procedures are in place to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to fund U.S. government initiatives and further U.S. interests,” the letter said.

The senators require the State Department to answer a series of questions about the grant, including how it vetted OneVoice and why proper oversight methods were not employed.

They also are seeking to determine what “disciplinary action” is being taken against U.S. officials who knew about the plan to unseat Netanyahu but failed to take action to report this behavior.


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