• June 19, 2024

IRONY: #Ferguson Protest Leader Has Car Stolen During “F*** the Police” Rally

As the adage goes, there is no honor among thieves and the same can be said of the thuggery surrounding the Ferguson nonsense.

Elizabeth Vega is one of the Ferguson protest leaders. She protested at sports venues and attempted a banner drop. She co-led the St Louis Symphony interruption, was arrested at the pumpkin smashing, yelled at the St Louis Post Dispatch protest, and helped block traffic with her freak-show in Clayton yesterday.


Her tweets expressing anger that Nixon called a state of emergency in part due to the rising crime and criminal elements associated with the protests are interspersed with others decrying the car theft.



This is the sort of thing that happens when you encourage people to break the law. When you make your bed with dogs, you’re likely to get bitten by fleas.



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