• November 27, 2021

IRS is Publicly Flogged By Federal Court…IRS Lawyers Reprimanded

lerner l

There hasn’t been such a decisive victory since Sitting Bull took on George Custer.  The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel of judges smacked down the IRS and their lawyers in a manner usually not seen in federal courts, but their butts got shined good by the judges sitting on the panel hearing the class action suit of conservative groups targeted by the IRS.  They ordered the IRS to immediately release the list of groups targeted by the IRS for illegally preventing them from gaining tax-free status and participation in the 2012 election.  The judges singled out the lawyers for the IRS who hid behind Section 6103.  The judges pointed out that Section 6103 was put in place to protect taxpayers from the IRS and not to protect the IRS from taxpayers.

The list has been a huge issue because since the class action suit was approved two months ago, they have been trying to find out who were eligible to join the suit, which could reach over 200.  They have been fighting for access of the list for years but were rebuffed by IRS lawyers (Who could face disbarment proceedings in the future) who claimed the list was confidential under Section 6103.  This is the second major victory for the conservative groups in their attempt to make the IRS pay for their duplicity.

The case now goes towards the discovery phase and the conservative groups can demand documents and communications from the IRS.  It also grants them the right to depose anyone they wish.  That includes Lois Lerner.  She would just plead the Fifth again, but it would be a good reminder to the judges about the lengths the IRS has gone to hide their many felonies committed in order to get Obama a second term.

The beating the IRS got is troubling for them since this will probably be the same panel who will be hearing the class action suit and if yesterday is an example of their mood, the IRS and their disreputable employees are in for a very rough ride.

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