• June 13, 2024

Is Hillary’s Health A Ticking Time Bomb, Making Her Too Sick To Serve As President?

The truth about Hillary’s health is coming out, in a number of startling ways:

Everyone from WikiLeaks to conservative sources like Liberty Unyielding are reporting and compiling irregularities related to Hillary’s health.

The Left will write this off as a conspiracy theory, as will Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton herself, who years ago coined the phrase “vast right-wing conspiracy” to explain away her philanderer-husband’s many problems. But the question — Is Hillary Clinton too sick to serve as president if elected? — is receiving increasing attention, and clues that may point to an answer are mounting.

One is this image, which appeared on LU’s Facebook page late yesterday, which seems to show the former secretary of state being helped up the front steps of her D.C. home. She is holding on to the man to her right, who for his part supports her upper arm. All of the figures flanking her can be seen looking down, as though they are studying each step she takes.


Late last month, a video emerged that seemed to capture the candidate having a seizure. Add to that an email from the recently released batch of correspondence extracted from Clinton’s home brew server. The message is from former chief of staff Huma Abedin, who warns that Clinton is “often confused.”


This might explain her recent Freudian slips, which include calling Donald Trump her husband and her enigmatic promise to raise taxes on the middle class.

But there’s more. Another email reveals that she overslept the morning of a high-priority Benghazi briefing, not awakening until 10 a.m.

Finally, there is the dismaying diagnosis by Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, a neurologist, who believes Clinton may be suffering “latent post-concussion syndrome.” He adds that in such cases:

Super high-level cognitive abilities are clearly impaired and even their routine multitasking high-stress abilities are affected because post-concussion syndrome patients in general don’t tolerate even moderate work, stress-related environments.

Clinton’s personal physician, Lisa Bardack, wrote in 2015 that symptoms of her 2012 concussion, which necessitated her wearing glasses with Coke-bottle lenses to treat her double vision, had been totally resolved. Yet requests for her complete health records have gone unanswered.

Something to hide?

Source: Youtube, Liberty Unyielding


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