• September 27, 2022

[WATCH] Are acts of terrorism carried out by only ‘a few’ followers of Islam?

I often read and hear people say you can’t judge an entire group of people, such as Muslims, ‘by the actions of a few’ when it comes to denouncing the many acts of violence against people who don’t conform to the cult of Islam.

What exactly is ‘a few’ when these people are making reference to Islamic extremists? Clearly, my definition of ‘a few’ being 3-4 people is much different than their idea of ‘a few’. What would your definition of ‘a few’ be?

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This woman clearly breaks it down for those who claim that it’s wrong to label an entire group of society over the actions of ‘a few’.

You’ll hear it explained in such a way that anyone can understand. Those who seek to eradicate all who don’t conform number far greater than ‘a few’ implies.


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