• December 4, 2021

It Bites To Be a Security Official at Macy’s

‘A Macy’s rent-a- cop was bitten Sunday night by two women he suspected of stealing from a mall in Florida, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

Tresha and Trudy-Ann Thompson were busted on charges of aggravated battery and theft, records show. The women share a home, according to records, although their relationship is not clear in the arrest reports.

The rent-a-cop said he saw Tresha, 28, and Trudy-Ann, 22, pick out items Sunday at about 7:30 p.m. from the juniors’ department. The women walked into a fitting room and walked out without all of the items in sight. A store employee said the missing items weren’t in the fitting room, either.

The two women walked out of the store without trying to pay for the items, so the security officer tried to stop them, but they wouldn’t return to the store.

He attempted to grab the women, but Tresha pushed and hit him. In the tussle, she fell to the ground, then he said. Tresha then bit his calf to the point of breaking the skin, and Trudy-Ann, whom the officer was holding by the shirt, bit his hand. A deputy noted that the officer had a puncture wound on his hand.

Another loss-prevention officer helped detain the women.

Tresha’s handbag had $324 worth of stolen items in it, officials said, and Trudy-Ann’s had $213. The women had taken scarves, jeans, jewelry and a romper, according to their arrest reports.

I wonder if they were checked for rabies?

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