Ivanka Fights Back!! Takes on the Press

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Ivanka, daughter of Donald Trump has had her patience worn out by the press, she claims is slandering him with lies.  Here is a statement she made and tell me she doesn’t speak her mind, just like the old man:

“I’ve seen him in the capacity obviously as a father, and a very loving one, and also as an incredible executive who built an amazing company.  And he really is remarkable.”

“Ultimately, I think the testament to any person is their track record and that’s not just their professional track record, of which his is well known, he is enormously accomplished, he’s employed tens of thousands of people, he’s achieved success in multiple industries at the highest level.”  

Reporters at Breitbart then asked why she believed her father would put himself through the “wringer of the politics of personal destruction?”


“A lot of people who run for elected office are looking for a platform you know and it’s the next step in a political career so they don’t have that much to lose in the national awareness  My father had that. He has an amazing life and he’s built an incredible company and really he’s doing this for the reasons he’s articulated. I mean he can’t stand back and watch what’s happening to this country anymore, and he’s been saying this for a long time.”

“And he’s been saying this for a long time, and he’s been seeing it happen.  So what he’s doing is incredibly difficult, it’s incredibly selfless you know, it takes a lot to want to enter this arena, and it is definitely a blood-sport as we’re seeing. But you know, win, lose or draw he’s got a family who loves him—who’s incredibly proud of him.”

“The energy and the passion that he’s elicited, you were talking about in the beginning about sort of leadership and his viewpoint on different issues—from day one my father set the agenda for what the whole party is talking about and really politics in general across parties.”

Maybe she should debate Hillary.


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