• July 13, 2024

Democrat Governor: ‘We’re Going to Lynch This White Cop’

Jay Nixon’s unethical behavior should warrant an immediate dismissal of any case against Darren Wilson, as Scumbag Nixon has already prejudiced the case beyond redemption. It cannot be tried impartially, or without prejudice, anywhere in the state of Missouri.

Furthermore, Nixon should be immediately disbarred from practicing law ever again in the state of Missouri, and should be impeached by the state legislature, or recalled by the people of Missouri, if either of those are possibilities under Missouri law.

This comes from the top. Nixon obviously took notes carefully, watching closely as King Hussein injected himself into private criminal investigations, condemning defendants before their “fair” trials, who were ultimately exonerated.

People of Missouri, please stand up! Get this cockroach, Jay Nixon, out of your governor’s office. You deserve better. Darren Wilson certainly does. He deserves at least impartial leadership. His life depends on it, while your governor is all too willing to throw this man’s life away before the investigation is anywhere near complete, let alone a trial scheduled.


By Donald Joy, Clash Daily

It’s time to impeach a real crook named Nixon.  This time, it’s the current governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, who has violated every principle of American jurisprudence and individual due process rights by calling for the “vigorous prosecution”not merely the diligent investigation–of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.  Nixon went before the cameras and lights today to demand, again and again, “justice for Michael Brown” and “justice for the Brown family,” before any facts or evidence had even been considered by a grand jury.

This is appalling.  Nixon is openly declaring without due process that he, representing the most powerful force of government in the state of Missouri, has chosen sides in an open, official investigation; he has already as much as declared Wilson guilty. Nixon announced that he is personally directing the massive resources of state administration to railroad a man, Darren Wilson, who by all available information was simply fighting for his very life when he shot the criminal Michael Brown (captured on video committing a strong-arm robbery minutes before his death).

Wilson is reported to have suffered what doctors call an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket”–a skull fracture–in the beating he received from the gargantuan, drug-crazed Brown, and information supporting Wilson’s version of what happened continues to emanate from a myriad of sources.

One reporter, Christine Byers of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Tweeted the following:

Police sources inform me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop’s version of events in shooting  #Ferguson

At the time of this being written, a grand jury is in the process of weighing the factors in the case as to whether they rise to the level of probable cause for any charge to be brought against Wilson.

Governor Nixon is the one who has already shown that he deserves to be convicted of a crime.  As a public official, he owes it to Wilson and to the people of Missouri to withhold such a blatant, prejudicial proclamation unless and until proper deliberation was to find Wilson culpable in the case (which in the end will not happen, you can bet on that).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY9kS-0l7OM?start=270&feature=oembed]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9Ox2V1e96Q?feature=oembed]

This outrage comes on the heels of Nixon’s naked, politically-motivated firing of the entire command structure of all Ferguson and St. Louis County law enforcement last week, so that instead, a black-power operative, Missouri State Police captain and apparent gang member/Black Panther Ron Johnson, could be installed as the emergency commander in charge of all police and National Guard personnel deployed in the riot-stricken area.

As the community of Ferguson was looted and burned, and as random white people there were being attacked and murdered by violent mobs, Johnson promptly began marching along with the race-baiting protesters, himself declaring their hysterical, alleged grievances against police and against whites to be valid.

Denouncing and betraying his fellow police while posing for pictures in close street-collaboration with violent Bloods gang members, Johnson pandered shamelessly, taking to the microphone at rallies and apologizing for wearing the uniform of the state highway patrol.  Johnson proclaimed himself a “proud black man” above all else, hugging and mugging for more pictures with the likes of Black Panthers leader Malik Zulu Shabazz and Al Sharpton, while flashing gang-signs and fomenting an atmosphere of abject racial polarization and hostility.

There’s more.  Despite the official ordering of a curfew for the violence-besieged community of Ferguson, Johnson proceeded to simultaneously declare the curfew meaningless–that it would not be enforced at all.  Johnson also ordered police to withdraw from areas where looting, rioting, and arson were being committed by hundreds and hundreds of black terrorists, because his de facto position (and the position of the so-called authorities) is that the cause of the looters and rioters is more or less just; that they are to be sympathized with.

Obviously, this is all yet another sickening example of politicians abusing their offices to dishonestly pander to black voters in a racially-charged controversy.  I don’t really have to extrapolate on the countless, previous instances of it, nor do I have to bring up the abusive and illegal remarks and actions of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and various other government officials in this case and cases like it.

Brace yourselves for more politically- and racially-motivated government and media treachery as this case unfolds, especially if the grand jury decides that the available evidence does not justify bringing any indictment against officer Wilson.  The race-baiters and anti-white leftists in power must be presumed to have learned some new tricks since their all-out campaign of lies and chicanery to falsely imprison George Zimmerman ultimately backfired on them last year.  You can bet on that just as surely as you can bet that Darren Wilson will, in due time, be completely exonerated.



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