Jennifer Lopez Gets Caught in a Compromising Position on Stage

Jennifer Lopez has had a long running stint in Las Vegas.  But the other day, she found herself in a rather compromising position, with no way to get out of it on her own.  She had gotten to her knees and leaned back, but apparently too far and while the thin piece of material barely covered up her assets, she was unable to move, giving those up close a real eyeful before her back up dancers helped her up.

 Jennifer Lopez has been burning up the Las Vegas nights at Planet Hollywood for over a year now at her “All I Have” shows, but things did not go as planned earlier this week.

Photos surfaced on Friday of the 47-year-old singer Wednesday night wearing a colorful bodysuit with black thigh high boots when she apparently leaned back a bit too far during her performance on the stage and got stuck.

Fans got quite an eyeful as the singer remained on her back until her backup dancers on stage noticed she was not moving and rushed over to give her a hand and help her up.

The singer seemed to take the moment in stride as she appeared to be smiling through their assistance.

The show didn’t stop as she recovered from the embarrassing moment and continued to entertain and show off all her moves in a red sequins dress with red high heels.

H/T Smokeroom

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