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Jersey Makers and Benghazi Heroes Team Up to Praise Woman Assaulted in San Jose

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Loading..., the maker of the jersey worn by the woman who was assaulted in San Jose are teaming up with two of the Benghazi heroes who rushed to the compound despite lacking orders to do so to save lives in order to honor the woman who was viciously attacked by liberals who hate free speech.  To add insult to injury, the San Jose police, an organization of p*^^ies, were just on the other side of the glass, too frightened by the egg tossing to help the woman.

From Breitbart News:

The young woman, identified as San Jose resident Rachel Casey, was physically attacked by liberal anti-Trump forces outside a Trump rally early in June. Video of the harrowing incident shows the lone Trump supporter surrounded by a sea of violence- prone, left-wing rioters and Mexican activists who threw food and eggs at the frightened woman.

Shockingly, police officers just on the other side of a glass door did nothing to help the woman.

The video of the incident went viral nationwide as Trump supporters noted how the left feels no compunction about stomping on others’ free speech.

Now, have announced that they want to honor the woman who was attacked and that they would be joined by John “Tig” Tiegen and Mark “Oz” Geist, in honoring Rachel Casey. These colors don't run

Tiegen and Guest Fox News

Mark Geist said:

I got on board with this project because watching that girl get assaulted while grown men stood by and did nothing, or worse yet filmed it–made me sick. I think I speak for a lot of gentlemen across this country when I say to the protesters–you better be glad I wasn’t there. I wear my TEAM USA/TRUMP jersey with pride too, and I would not have been as gracious. I also want to raise awareness because I think this girl deserves some answers. Was the violence and Mexican flags being shoved in her face related to San Jose being a sanctuary city? Where is the media and where is the outcry?

The jersey company is asking Rachel to contact them so they can award her gifts and the award for her bravery.

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