• March 31, 2023

Joe Biden ADMITS He Enjoys The Company Of Segregationists!

Sadly, I am no longer shocked by Joe Biden and what comes out of his mouth.

When I think that Joe has said the most shocking and absurd sentence, the man outdoes himself the next time around.

One would think that Joe’s handlers would have become used to this and were able to get some sort of control over him, but that has not happened.

The rumors that Joe Biden is a grumpy old man are true.

There have also been “reports” from insiders that Joe is a handful and does whatever he wants, and won’t listen to his Handlers much of the time.

After today’s new disaster, I am sure most of those Handlers will guzzle vodka from the bottle.

So, what did Senile Joe do this time?

You can watch the video below:

I would imagine this is Joe’s way of saying that MAGA ULTRA — the most “extreme political group in the universe” is less approachable and friendly than old-time DC racists, who happened to be Democrats…

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Holy crap does this man ever stop to think what he might say is racist?!”

“Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t think a Dem would want to wax nostalgic about eating lunch with literal segregationists.”

“The good old days for Joe.”

“What a maroon. Those were Democrats. Just like you, Joe.”

“Partying with segregationists, maybe don’t say that out loud.”

“Biden has done it. He has united all of the south behind him with one comment.”

This guy just can’t stop digging himself a hole, can he?

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