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Sleepy Joe Just Cancelled ANOTHER Patriotic Trump Policy!

It is obvious that the left cannot stand America and they show that in every way they can. These hateful liberals continually bash our nation’s heroes and elevate criminals in every single one of their disgusting narratives that we have recently witnessed in the news. This is why they hate Trump as much as they do.

They cannot stand that Trump actually loves America and desired to celebrate those who love our country too.

We saw over the last four years, with Trump in charge, finding ways to celebrate our nation’s great Americas and their amazing contributions to our great country. One of those ideas that Trump had as he was leaving office, was plans to construct the “Garden of American Heroes,” an outdoor space to honor some of America’s most remarkable icons.

Some of the people to be featured were:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Whitney Houston

Kobe Bryant

Billy Graham

Harriet Tubman

Alex Trebek

However, now that Biden is in office those plans have been axed and no explanation given as to why either.

It is apparent that Biden has zero pride in America in his effort to ensure that Trump is not given one ounce of credit for anything.

Also, if you weren’t aware, Biden canceled a President Trump order to punish those who destroy present statues.

I don’t care who you are folks, but that is America’s history whether you like it or not, and you cannot just take it down based on you not liking it.

Biden and his cronies want this country’s history destroyed and rewritten to fit their socialist agenda.

Anything that celebrates the successes of Americans, you can forget it under Sleepy Joe:

Daily Mail reported:

Trump unveiled his proposed heroes on January 18, just two days before he left office. They included the late Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, who died of cancer in September 2020 aged 87.

Also on the list was Houston, hailed as one of the United States’ greatest ever pop stars, who tragically drowned while high on drugs in February 2012. LA Lakers basketball icon Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles in January 2020 aged 41.

Other statues planned by Trump included late Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, underground railroad heroine Harriet Tubman, cookery book writer Julia Child and evangelist Billy Graham.

He had envisioned that the garden would be ‘a site of natural beauty that enables visitors to enjoy nature, walk among the statues, and be inspired to learn about great figures of America’s history.’

No site was ever selected, and the planned garden did not receive any congressional funding. Biden’s decision to cancel the plan marks a highly symbolic distancing of his administration from the Trump-era White House.

Meanwhile, Biden revoked Trump’s decree in June 2020 calling for the federal government to ‘prosecute to the fullest extent permitted under Federal law’ acts of vandalism and destruction to statues on federal property.

That order came in response to the defacement of statues — particularly those honoring the Confederacy — during nationwide protests over racial injustice following the killing of George Floyd while in police custody. These demonstrations later spread around the world.

Mr Biden’s decree also revoked Trump’s May 2020 order calling for the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate social media companies for labeling or removing posts or entire accounts in what the then president claimed was a restriction on free speech.

That order came before Trump himself was removed from platforms like Twitter and Facebook after the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

A proclamation from Trump that required immigrants to prove they would be covered by certain health insurance plans within 30 days of entering the US or prove they could cover medical costs was also vetoed by Biden.

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