• November 26, 2021

Joe Rogan Just Got CNN To Backtrack On A Big Time Lie!

It wasn’t long ago that CNN was literally dancing on set after Joe Rogan announced he was diagnosed with COVID. It was almost as if this supposed news organization was relishing in the fact that a person was sick despite their claims that they just want to “save just one person”.

However, as you remember CNN sunk even lower than just mocking Rogan’s diagnoses.

CNN which should actually be called a propaganda network lied and mocked Rogan’s use of  Ivermectin to treat the illness. These so-called journalists mocked him and spread false information that Ivermectin was nothing more than a horse de-wormer.

Of course, we all know that it wasn’t true but many people that watch this sort of “news” were convinced that Rogan was taking a medication that was purely meant for livestock.

Rogan made a quick recovery despite CNN’s sinister hope he wouldn’t and he didn’t start mooing or grow a tail either.

Finally, Rogan was able to sit down with one of CNN’s resident doctors, Sanjay Gupta, and confront the physician regarding the blatant fake news CNN reported.

It was a tense exchange between the two men but that didn’t stop Rogan from making sure he was heard by the doctor.

In the most recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the podcast host grilled Gupta about CNN’s lies about him using “horse dewormer.”

Gupta told Rogan, “By the way, I’m glad you’re better.”

“Thank you,” Rogan responded. “You’re probably the only one at CNN who’s glad. The rest of them are all lying about me taking horse medication.”

“That bothered you,” Gupta said while grinning.

“It should bother you too,” Rogan fired back. “They’re lying at your network about people taking human drugs versus drugs for veterinary.”

Gupta admitted, “Calling it a ‘horse dewormer’ is not a flattering thing, I get that.”

“It’s a lie. It’s a lie on a news network … and it’s a lie that they’re conscious of. It’s not a mistake,” Rogan said, noting that ivermectin was prescribed to him by a doctor. “They’re unfavorably framing it as veterinary medicine.”

Gupta attempted to justify CNN’s misclassification by referencing a “snarky” statement released by the Food and Drug Administration about ivermectin that said: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow.”

Rogan asked, “Why would you say that when you are talking about a drug that’s been given out to billions and billions of people?”

“A drug that one of the inventors won a Nobel Prize in 2015,” Rogan noted.

“A drug that has been shown to stop viral replication in vitro. … Why would they lie and say that’s horse dewormer? I can afford people medicine, motherf***er. This is ridiculous! It’s just a lie!”

Rogan did not stop there either and continued to question Gupta, “Don’t you think that a lie like that is dangerous on a news network when you know that they know they’re lying? … Do you think that that’s a problem that your news network lies?”

Rogan challenged Gupta, “My point is you’re working for a news organization. If they’re lying about a comedian taking horse medication, what are they telling us about Russia? What are they telling us about Syria? Do you understand that that’s why people get concerned about the veracity of the news?”

Gupta finally confessed, “They shouldn’t have said that.” Gupta said he “didn’t know” why the network spread the “horse dewormer” lie.

That wasn’t the end of the questioning section as Rogan then confronted Gupta on the neurosurgeon’s recommendation that children get vaccinated.

Here are some of the reactions Twitter had after this was seen.


CNN didn’t just spread Ivermectin propaganda about Joe Rogan, they did it to Rand Paul as well:

To be clear: Paul IS NOT in the “middle” when it comes to the use of ivermectin. He is WAY on the conspiracy theory end of the spectrum.

Ivermectin has drawn national headlines of late because some elected officials (like Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin), as well as some anchors on Fox News, have pushed it as a possible way to lessen the effects and severity of Covid-19.

The only one that appears to seek medical advice is Gupta after that knockout punch.

Sanjay Gupta may be a licensed medical practitioner, but when he appears on CNN, is he really fulfilling the role of a  doctor or an actor, and that is something to remember.

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