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Judge Could Prevent Pagliano From Taking the Fifth



Judge Emmet Sullivan has delayed the deposition of Bryan Pagliano and has ordered him to provide the court with his immunity deal with federal authorities.  Pagliano was given limited immunity as opposed to full immunity.  Full immunity is a promise to never prosecute as long as you don’t perjure yourself.  Limited immunity means that prosecutors can never use your words against you in a criminal case.  The request by the judge is somewhat unusual but considering the fact that the government has lied to him time and time again and delayed the process so much, his patience has begun to wear thin.

No one can say for sure what is on the judge’s mind but by virtue of the fact that he has delayed the deposition could mean he is looking for a way to force him to testify.  The argument could be made that Pagliano has already testified to the facts and therefore the Fifth Amendment no longer applies as long as he is offered the same protections issued by government investigators.

Judge Sullivan ordered:

“Counsel for Mr. Pagliano shall file a Memorandum of Law addressing the legal authority upon which Mr. Pagliano relies to assert his Fifth Amendment rights in this civil proceeding, including requisite details pertaining to the scope of Mr. Pagliano’s reported immunity agreement with the Government.”

Pagliano has steadfastly refused to testify for anyone but the Department of Justice after they issued him limited immunity.  Although unqualified, Hillary Clinton hired Pagliano to set up her illegal email server.  It is believed that his testimony was damaging for Clinton and Judicial Watch is looking to gain that knowledge for themselves.


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