• March 1, 2024

Judge Napolitano: Evidence Proves Hillary and Clinton Foundation are Corrupt


In a lesson in the obvious, Judge Andrew Napolitano has declared that there is overwhelming evidence that there was corrupt behavior on Hillary’s part while she was Secretary of State:

“I am telling you that the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation because the evidence of public corruption of Mrs. Clinton making decisions as the sitting secretary of state using the authority of the secretary of state that she obtained from the federal statutes in order to benefit her husband and her husband’s foundation is simply overwhelming and cannot be avoided.”

Napolitano also said that the DOJ cannot order the FBI to not investigate Hillary’s corruption.  He says they are an independent agency even though they do report their findings to the DOJ.  He stated that the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s actions on behalf of Bill and the Foundation.  Of course Loretta Lynch can refuse to bring charges no matter how much evidence the FBI provides.

Here is Napolitano:




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