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Judge Tosses Stein’s Lawsuit for Hand Recount: GOP Files Federal Charges


Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn ruled that Stein wasn’t entitled to a hand recount because she failed to prove either fraud or errors.  Stein will not appeal the ruling because there was no time as the recount begins tomorrow.  Stein had hoped that a hand recount would delay  the certification and deny the electoral votes to Donald Trump.  But it may come back to bite her in the ass.  The Wisconsin GOP is planning to file a federal election complaint against both Stein and Hillary Clinton.

The Wisconsin GOP correctly points out that the recounts Stein is suing for is to benefit Hillary.  They point out that the only one who could possibly benefit is Hillary.  In fact, Trump received more votes in Wisconsin that Stein did nationwide.  In a week, she has raised twice as much for the recounts than she raised for her campaign.

From Journal Sentinel:

The fundraising being done by Stein is effectively being done to help Clinton —- the second-place finisher behind GOP Presidential-elect Donald Trump — and amounts to improper coordination between the two campaigns, the draft complaint to the Federal Elections Commission alleges.

“Clinton stands as the only actor that would benefit from a recount taking place in Wisconsin or elsewhere,” the complaint reads. “As outlined below, the Clinton campaign’s direct involvement in the recount process, which was announced well before the recount itself was paid for and finalized, demonstrates a clear link between the actions of the Stein campaign and the strategic goals of the Hillary for America.”

The Clinton campaign has said it would not have sought a recount itself but the campaign has become involved in the process launched by Stein, with Democratic officials saying they need to do so to protect the interests of their party’s voters. Both the Clinton and Stein campaigns have said they are acting properly and seeking to ensure the integrity of American democracy.

The Clinton campaign backed Stein’s unsuccessful lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court that sought to prohibit Wisconsin counties from using machines to help recount ballots cast on Nov. 8.


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