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Judicial Watch Sues for 12 Draft Indictments Against Hillary Clinton For Whitewater



While everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop in the Hillary email scandal, Judicial Watch (JW) has sued the National Archives, who have in their possession 12 draft indictments against Hillary for her part in the Whitewater scandal that led to prison sentences for other participants who had much lesser roles than she did.  The archives refuses to release the documents claiming they would be an invasion of Hillary’s privacy and would reveal grand jury secrecy.  Three times in the last two months, judges have ordered the release of other documents Obama has refused to turn over in accordance with US law.

When the government refuses to hand over information requested through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) , they must provide what is known as a Vaughn Index.  What that is is a list of the documents they are refusing to hand over and why.  JW has determined by the Vaughn index that prosecutors had written at least 12 drafts of possible indictments against Hillary for her cover up and false documents she filed in the Whitewater affair.

From Judicial Watch:

In its final brief in the case, Judicial Watch took a wrecking ball to the Archives’ grand jury secrecy and personal privacy claims. Judicial Watch noted “the truly enormous quantities of grand jury material already made public” in the independent counsel’s final report. Judicial Watch provided the court with a detailed list of grand jury and non-grand jury material that had already been made public. If there ever was a valid claim to grand jury secrecy in this closely scrutinized case, it is long gone.

The Judicial Watch brief noted that the Archives “fails to identify a single, specific privacy interest Mrs. Clinton still has in the draft indictments” following publication of the independent counsel’s report and “hundreds of pages of grand jury materials, non-grand jury materials, and independent counsel legal theories and analysis that are already in the public domain.”

A typical FOIA privacy claim centers on unwarranted invasions of personal privacy. But in Mrs. Clinton’s case, the brief noted, the Archives “makes no claims that disclosure of the draft indictments will reveal any particular personal, medical or financial information about Mrs. Clinton, much less anything intimate or potentially embarrassing.”

Most of the documents we have revealing corruption of Clinton and Obama has been realized thanks to Judicial Watch.  The Injustice Department could delay the results of the private email server of Hillary’s but they can do nothing to prevent Judicial Watch from releasing mountains of information from the National Archives.  No court date has been set as of this time.

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