• May 29, 2023

Kaepernick Gets Uncomfortable Talking About Fidel T Shirt



Colin Kaepernick was answering questions for reporters from the Miami area prior to the 49ers game against the Dolphins.  One reporter in particular seemed to get under Kaepernick’s skin.  That reporter wanted to know why Kaepernick was wearing a t-shirt praising Fidel Castro.  Kaepernick hemmed and hawed and then pointed out that Malcolm X also appeared on the shirt.  He claimed that Malcolm X meeting with Castro showed his willingness to keep an open mind in relations around the world.

The reporter refused to let it go.  Kaepernick continued to try to change the subject but the reporter kept coming back to Castro.

From Sports Perspective:

The reporter is apparently from a family of exiles from Cuba and pressed on related to Castro. The reply by Kaepernick was that he was not discussing Castro and his oppression, but was talking about the late Malcolm X and what he did for people.

The reporter then said Kaepernick changed the subject because he was uncomfortable talking about Castro. The quarterback then praised a social initiative of Castro.

He said one thing Castro did is give Cuba the highest rate of literacy due to investing more in education than in prisons, which is not done in the U.S. even though it could be.

The reported said Castro broke up families and Kaepernick said the same happens in the U.S.

The banter back and forth moved forward with some tense responses by Kaepernick to questions asked by the reporter.

Kaepernick has spoken openly this season about his opinions on today’s American society, even after becoming the starting quarterback for the team.

On Wednesday, another question was asked about reports that his protest during the anthem has contributed to the drop in viewership of NFL games this season.

He said he does not think that one has any relationship with the other.

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