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Kansas Dad Admits Killing His 7 year Old Boy and Feeding Him to the Pigs

Michael A Jones pleaded guilty last Friday to beating his seven year old son to death and then feeding his corpse to the pigs.  The boy’s remains were found near the barn in 2015.  His mother pleaded guilty last November in the son’s slaying.  The boy’s seven siblings were found to be living in squalor and were taken by Children’s Services.


The other children reportedly lived in deplorable conditions. They were also home schooled, according to the Kansas City Star

‘Their house was horrible,’ one woman who asked for anonymity told WSFA. ‘Their house was just filthy. The kids lived in filth. Trash everywhere. Dried food all over the house.’

Dead mice, cages full of rats, syringes, rat poison and pornographic videos are just some of the things that were found inside the home. 

Property owner Jennifer Hoevers, who rented the home to Michael and Heather, said she was shocked and disgusted when she went inside the property for the first time since they’d been jailed.

‘It took my breath away,’ she told Fox 4.

‘Fast food wrappers everywhere. There’s milk, rotting food everywhere.’ 

Hoevers said Michael and Heather Jones were ‘polite and respectful’ and showed interest in eventually buying the rural Kansas City home when they began renting more than two years ago.

The Hoevers had spent their entire life savings to buy the house and was renting it out for income as the husband is serving overseas.  The house has been totally trashed and the Hoevers will have to make major renovations.  This is a devastating loss for them. Both parents will be serving life sentences but will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

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