Kellyanne Conway’s Liberal Teenage Daughter Attacks Her With This Nasty TikTok Video

Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of top Trump advisor, Kellyanne Conway, has taken to Twitter to complain that her parents are forcing her to delete her social media accounts.

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia posted a photo of herself with her mom on Mother’s Day a couple of years ago. Claudia Conway wrote: “happy mother’s day to my beautiful mom. i love you to the moon and back and i aspire to be like you everyday 💗✨🤩”



What a difference a couple of years makes. The liberal Conway daughter now considers herself a leftist activist. She recently posted this video taken at a BLM protest, where the speaker claims “We were not supposed to make it past childhood,” adding that “Freedom is still so elusive in so many ways.”

According to the New York Post, The Conway’s liberal, teenage daughter is telling her fans that her parents are kicking her offline after she began playfully trolling them and sharing her liberal opinions on TikTok and Twitter.


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On July 10, the Conway teen tweeted that her father “attempted to delete all of my social media.”

Last night, the 15-year- old daughter of the Trump-hating George Conway and mom whose boss is President Trump, informed her followers that her parents are forcing her to deleted her social media accounts.

In what she called “my last tweet” on Monday night, 15-year-old Claudia wrote: “My parents are forcing me to delete social media… apparently, i don’t have a platform! it’s fake!”

“Love you all so much. keep fighting,” she added to her nearly 118,000 followers.

The apparent social media ban came about a week after the teen trolled her parents — live streaming a confrontation with her mother, a counselor to President Trump, on TikTok and telling her father, conservative Trump critic George Conway, on Twitter that she was “sorry [his] marriage failed.”

On Friday, Claudia — who has posted a wave of anti-Trump and pro-Black Lives Matter content on her TikTok — wrote in a tweet: “My parents, particularly my mother, are trying to silence me by getting me to delete my social media. haha.”

The Conway teen mocked her mom’s support of Trump in TikTok video where she told her followers she’s “cured” while holding a Trump-Pence sign, singing, “I love Trump,” while dancing in her room.

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In another video, Claudia Conway addresses her mother, calling her “Smelly Kelly,” and telling her “The rumors are true. I have been cured, um…from my radical leftism.” The teenage Conway added, “and now I love Trump and I love our President! Um…MAGA!”


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