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LAPD Releases Video Showing “Innocent Unarmed Teen” With A Gun


Bowing down to pressure from BLM and other activists, the LAPD released a video that shows Carnell Snell carrying a semi-automatic gun as he tries to avoid the police.  Included are some still photographs from the footage.  BLM has insisted that Snell was unarmed and shot in the back.

This zoomed-in grab shows what appears to be a black handgun in Snell's left hand 

 Police said the video supports the account Chief Charlie Beck gave Monday justifying the  fatal shooting of Carnell Snell. Beck said Snell, 18, had a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun in one hand and turned toward officers when they fired.  (Los Angeles Police Department via AP)in the 45-second footage, Snells is seen an SUV and pulling a handgun from his waistband

He then tucks the gun back into his waistband and runs around the corner of a strip mall as officers run after him


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