• June 20, 2024

Large 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake In Central Italy Claims At Least 37 Lives

A large earthquake rocked central Italy early Wednesday, collapsing homes on top of residents as they slept. At least 37 people were killed in hard-hit towns where rescue crews raced to dig survivors out of the rubble, but the toll was likely to rise as crews reached homes in more remote hamlets. Nature, the one true constant that brings all people together, if not for only a few days.

According to Fox News:

The magnitude 6 quake struck at 3:36 a.m. and was felt across a broad swath of central Italy, including Rome, where residents felt a long swaying followed by aftershocks. The temblor was felt from the Lazio region into Umbria and Le Marche on the Adriatic coast.

Now we will see who rushes to the forefront on humanitarian aid. I’m sure it will be the United States, life is precious to us and seeing the less fortunate suffer in such a way is not in our D.N.A. What do you think?

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