• June 13, 2024

Leaders Admit European Union Faces Fragmentation and Collapse

Just when you think Leaders in the European Union would be coming to their collective senses, their ego’s seem to still get in their way. Now that is the simple explanation, there is always the conspiracy theory that they were given Their marching orders and/or paid to continue the madness. Without England’s economy it is down to Germany, France and Italy to keep the machine chugging along. But how much can these countries absorb economically? The pendulum is starting to swing in the opposite direction. Can you say nationalism?

According to Daily Mail.co.uk:

Europe’s three most powerful leaders yesterday vowed the EU will not end after Brexit as they launched a desperate bid to bring the project back to life.But instead of such lofty idealism, yesterday the leaders of Germany, France and Italy faced the grim reality of a growing backlash to their handling of the migration crisis and terrorism – and disagreements over how to proceed.The trio also risk hostility from the other remaining EU member states, with Eastern European countries making clear they will oppose any further integration.The leaders of what will be the EU’s three biggest economies once Britain leaves aimed to present a united front as they met on Ventotene to discuss their gameplan for Brexit negotiations.

Tourism is down in France and Italy due to terrorism, the migration issues are weighing on the citizens and now in Italy a large earthquake which will impact. Take a good look at these three, I have a feeling they will not be around after their next election takes place.  The old eastern block is not on board with the migration issue and are ready to leave. Hello!, too the old soviet block again. What do you think?

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