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Leftist Journalist Didn’t See This Coming When She Called For trump’s Assassination

Monisha Rajesh was a promising journalist working as a free lance writer for two of the UK’s biggest papers, The Telegraph and The Guardian, when she called for the assassination of Donald Trump.                                                                                  screenshot-257
As a result, both newspapers have cut her loose and not one single liberal newspaper or reporter is willing to defend her.  Her career is likely over as she embarks on a promising career in over the road trucking.
From The US Herald:

Realizing her mistake, Rajesh deleted both her Twitter and Facebook accounts, hoping the evidence of her serious offense was wiped cleaner than Hillary’s private server. Unfortunately for her, she must’ve forgotten that anything said can and will be held against her, especially if someone archives her private account that includes her threat against the President of the United States.

As expected, Rajesh’s tweet quickly spread on social media and was reported multiple times to federal law enforcement officials. Breitbart reports that Rajesh has been fired and the liberal outlets are refusing to run to her defense.

Not only has she lost her job and likely ruined her promising career and credibility but one user also claims that he contacted the FBI about her threat and was later told that she has been arrested, although this is unconfirmed.

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