Let’s Talk About ‘Black’s History Month’

Obama-Economic-Policy-250x250With the ongoing debate and distraction pursuant to whether or not Hollywood is racist, I find it reasonable to address same in the “fore-drop” juxtaposed to backdrop of so-called Black History Month.

The most important fact Pavlovian blacks refuse to realize is that being equal is not synonymous with special treatment; which is exactly what the majority of blacks demand. Some will claim they do not want to be treated differently even though that is exactly what they are demanding, i.e., to be treated differently based singularly upon melanin content.

Let’s look at Hollywood for a moment.

There are today black actors, directors, producers, and blacks who own their own studios. Movies that originally starred white lead actors are remade and recast with blacks replacing the original white leads. Black actors command among the highest salaries and compensation packages in the industry. But that’s not enough, blacks such as Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Al Sharpton demand affirmative action categories. That is to say they demand awards not based on meritocracy but for being black.

I was unaware that being black was a skill set that qualified one for awards. The problem with these people and those who embrace their contemptible heterodoxy is that they are not passing on nor are they encouraging merit-based achievement; rather they are enforcing halfhearted, low performance, dumb-downed, lowered expectations, with an increased dogmatism that skin-color trumps effort, ability, and performance.

Black History Month is the bastardization of “Negro History Week,” established in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson. While it may be argued that Woodson’s original intent was honorable, if we are to be intellectually honest it must be stated that in the final analysis Negro History Week has been proselytized to divide.

It presented opportunity for malevolent neo-Leninists and cultural Marxists to prostitute skin color juxtaposed to insisting upon standards of performance that produce the best and most qualified. Which I argue is one of the reasons Americans are lagging educationally. It is because the standards for teachers has been devolved to the point that trained simians and/or seals could stand in front of a classroom. But I digress.

Blacks intuitively embrace an affirmative action mindset that dictates if there is two whites there must be at least one black. The idea of applying oneself with single-minded narrowness of focus is anathema because race-based affirmative action has negated the necessity for same. And lowered standards of performance designed to incorporate those who could not participate otherwise validates poor academic pursuits. Which ultimately not only leads to failure but enhances a pogrom that when replicated is as injurious as the pursuits of Margaret Sanger the progenitor of Planned Parenthood under the guise of the systematic extermination of blacks.

Elizabeth Slattery was spot on in saying:

“Students admitted [to institutions of higher education] based on their skin color, rather than their merit, may end up ‘mismatched’ with their school, which leads to low grades and high dropout rates. … Affirmative action-induced low grades are a serious problem—as demonstrated by research over the course of the last decade. For example, in one study of top law schools, more than 50 percent of [black] law students (many of whom had been admitted pursuant to affirmative action policies) were in the bottom 10 percent of their class. And the dropout rate among [black] students was more than twice that of their white peers (19.3 percent vs. 8.2 percent).” (How Affirmative Action at Colleges Hurts Minority Students; The daily Signal; 12/2/2015)

While this fact is publicly obfuscated by race mongers and diversity profiteers, the provincial method of addressing the problem is by the continued lowering of standards. This is equivalent to a circular firing squad.

During the so-called “black’s history month” those with the prehensile ability to grasp the lowest branch available, parade to and fro espousing vile calumnies pursuant to how America has overlooked blacks and dusting off their Malcolm X hats.

There is only one way to improve academic outcomes (for all students) and it is to elevate academic standards. It is an undeniable truth that if nothing is expected that is exactly what you will get. And the only way to end the racial divide is to end the racial divide. We cannot end the racial divide by continuing to compartmentalize people by skin color.

 ©2015 The Daily Rant. Website: www.Mychal-Massie.com

©2015 The Daily Rant. Website: www.Mychal-Massie.com

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