Liberal DC Lawyer CONTINUING The WITCH Hunt Against Donald Trump!

It seems that everyone likes to try to get their pound of flesh on someone when they are on their way out of town. Donald Trump lost a rigged election and the vultures are beginning to circle.

They are attempting to lay every kind of charge, criminal or otherwise at the great man’s feet and some of it is just downright batty.

The list of things that they are beginning to accuse him of now that they can take their little potshots is mind-boggling. It would not surprise me if by the end of the week we have someone charging Donald Trump with larceny for not returning a video he never rented.

The Russian collusion conspiracy theory managed an impressive, paradoxical feat by collapsing under its own weightlessness. The first impeachment of President Donald Trump, predicated on an allegation of a quid pro quo involving Ukrainian military funding tied to an investigation of the Bidens’ dealings with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, ended in acquittal.

The second impeachment is predicated upon (among other things) “incitement of insurrection” derived from Trump’s speech before the Capitol incursion. Unless Democrats can prove that Trump didn’t really mean it when he told his supporters on Jan. 6 to march “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol and that he was fully appraised of the threat of violence going into his speech, a conviction is unlikely to happen.

But, this is the moment wolfish prosecutors from coast to coast have been waiting for: Sure, you can’t charge a sitting president in criminal court, most scholars say, but there’s nothing about ex-presidents being charged.

Enter District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine, a man who’s hoping to make the jump from the thankless tasks of day-to-day management of D.C.’s criminal justice system to national #Resistance celebrity — even after the idea of #Resistance has all but ended.

That’s because Racine is looking to charge Trump for incitement for what happened during the Jan. 6 pro-Trump protest in Washington and the subsequent incursion into the Capitol.

The criminal charge itself wouldn’t actually do much. Racine said Sunday that Trump would be looking at “a misdemeanor, a six-month-in-jail maximum,” according to Breitbart. But if you have to ask if he’ll get the maximum and if you have to ask whether this will be the first of many trials to come, well, bless your dear heart, naïve soul.

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