• December 11, 2023

Liberal Pastor Faces Charges After Rigging Raffle For AR-15 So He Could Destroy It

A liberal pastor who used his parishioners’ money to purchase the remaining tickets for the raffling of an AR-15 in order to destroy it may now face charges for transferring it to a gun-owning friend without doing a background check.

The Rev. Jeremy Lucas of Lake Oswego, Oregon, used the discretionary fund from Christ Church Episcopal Parish to purchase the remaining 150 raffle tickets in a local softball team’s raffle of an AR-15 with the intention of destroying it, according to The Washington Post.

That fund, may I add, is often used to help needy members of the congregation pay rent and other bills.. Apparently, though, the liberal pastor felt that the $3,000 was worth it to counter what he saw as a troubling message in raffling off the firearm.

“I think it sends very mixed messages,” Lucas said. “On the one hand to have kids go through active shooter drills (at school), and at the same time raffle off rifles that are used in so many of these mass shootings.”

It apparently never occurred to him that if teachers could protect their students from shooters, this wouldn’t be an issue. But never mind — Lucas seems to be one of those liberals who quickly ushers you left past all of the facts.

And he won the rifle.

“There are millions of guns, I know that,” he told the Lake Oswego Review. “But this gun will never be used to kill kids in schools, kill people in a movie theater, kill people at an office party or at any other place of mass shootings. This gun will never be found by a child who accidentally shoots a friend. … It will never be stolen and used to commit a crime or used to threaten a family in a domestic violence situation.”

Well, except for the fact that Lucas couldn’t guarantee that; not being a gun owner, he didn’t have any place to keep it safely. So, after going through a 30-minute background check to get the weapon, which he said was disturbingly “easy,”  he gave it to a friend for safekeeping before it could be destroyed.

Only one problem: the paperwork he had just filled out, which he was disturbed by the lax nature of, specifically forbade him from doing so. He had signed a legal document saying that he would not turn the gun over to another party without a background check, all with the full knowledge that he would do so.

That, as you might have guessed, is very, very illegal.

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