• May 25, 2022

Liberal Revolt: Jill Stein Comes Out And Endorses Donald Trump

It is comforting to see how the U.S. citizens are amassing in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald trump instead of criticizing him. Hillary would have surely lost the chance if she wanted to collect some of the independent and neutral citizens.

According to WorldNewsPolitics:

Jill Stein just came out and destroyed Hillary Clinton and everything she stands for. She says that “Donald Trump is better” and “Hillary Clinton is more likely is start a nuclear war, that I do not think many people would appriciate.” She also goes on to say that Donald Trump wants to seek a peaceful route with Russia rather than basically declaring an air war on them by trying to create a no fly zone over Syria. Russia has already been very outspoken that they will shoot down any US Planes flying in their controlled Syrian territory.

Stein also goes on to talk about how Gorbachev has said that we are closer to NUCLEAR WAR with Russia than we ever have been because of Hillary Clinton’s policies. Clinton was definitely hoping she would win some of the independent vote but, not after this. Everyone is finally starting to see Hillary for the Crook she really is.

This country can’t afford a nuclear war, quite frankly, no one can afford nuclear war, and for what reason; But that’s just me. We can’t let Hillary put our entire country at risk like this. Donald Trump is the best option and he will find a peaceful solution with Russia rather than starting WWIII. What do you think of the endorsement?

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