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Liberals Losing Their Minds Over This Picture of Ivanka Trump

On Monday, President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with female business leaders at the White House, to discuss how to improve the chances women have in the marketplace.  Among those women was Ivanka Trump.  That should come as no surprise.  besides being the daughter of the president, she has also been a successful business woman in her own right.


But the gonzo media, especially the female version are on a mission to make a mountain out of a sinkhole.  In their seriously deformed minds, they are amazed that American voters went for Trump when they could have elected the famously traitorous felon Hillary Clinton.  Imagine Hillary in the White House and how much she could have made selling out America like she did at the State Department but on a much larger scale.  Don’t believe that?  Then why did all the donations to the Clinton Foundation dry up the moment she lost?

The picture that is driving liberal women fake news reporters is a symbolic picture, showing Ivanaka in the Oval Office, sitting at the Resolute Desk with her father on one side and Justin Trudeau on the other. The picture was representing a woman getting a seat at the table.


From The Daily Caller:

Almost immediately after, she was attacked by people and journalist from outlets like MTV, the Guardian, and The Daily Beast. Even CBS news tweeted that the photo “raises eyebrows.”

“well thank goodness nordstrom victim and noted politician ivanka trump is bringing our two nations together …,” Anne T. Donahue with MTV tweeted.









Geraldine, if there are so many qualified women, why did you nominate Hillary instead of one of them?  Oh yeah, all the qualified ones are conservatives.


Are you as amazed as I am that a no name “feminist” would ask that of a CEO and former high ranking exec of the Trump Corporation?  Not me.  That dumb bitch is a liberal.


Says one of the people who have totally destroyed Twitter.

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