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Liberals Worried Trump’s First Budget Could Hurt Rich D.C. Economy

Donald Trump is ready to take an axe to government spending. He is a businessman who specializes in meeting budgets and deadlines while maintaining quality. Those are three things that are completely foreign to Congress. He will have a fight from both parties, but cutting spending is always the right thing to do, especially after the Obama budgets of over $1 trillion.

Government overspending is indicative of how many things government is involved in that it has no business being involved. Just for fun sometime take any government program and look it up in the Constitution. You can go HERE to search. There are only 18 powers the Constitution gives to the federal government, and according to the 10th Amendment any other power the federal government wants belongs to the states automatically, and it must ask the states for permission to take that power away from them in the form of an Amendment. Seriously, go look for yourself. About 95 percent of what the federal government is involved in is not listed in the Constitution as a power of the federal government. And don’t let bastardized terms like the Commerce Clause and the Supremacy Clause throw you. If the power is not listed in the Constitution then the federal government has no right to do it. Period.

The Washington Post is Very Concerned over Donald Trump threatening to reduce the federal workforce

Washington region braces for budget that could shake up the historically stable local economy
President Trump’s budget, which is set to call for cuts of 10 to 20 percent to federal agencies headquartered in and around the nation’s capital, could threaten the prosperity that the D.C. region has built.

Washingtonians are beginning to worry that President Trump might do what wars, peace, recessions and government shutdowns could not: ­upend the historically stable regional economy.

Bolstered by the federal government, the metropolitan area has largely avoided the sharp ups and downs that have made life unpredictable for the rest of the nation. The Washington economy was barely nicked by the Great Recession, and it has roared ahead since then on the strength of steady job growth, booming home prices, a nascent technology sector and a huge influx of millennial workers.

But Trump is set to release a budget Thursday that threatens the prosperity Washington has built by suggesting cuts of 10 to 20 percent to federal agencies headquartered in and around the nation’s capital, while boosting defense spending. It’s a proposal that, if enacted, would shake up the local economy’s calculus, striking at government workers while possibly delivering new business to its contractors.

Is anyone outside the beltway really concerned over the plight of people who have a pretty cushy lifestyle on the backs of the taxpayers?

The federal bureaucracy has long shielded Washington from a bottoming out similar to the one automakers and other manufacturers experienced in parts of the Rust Belt — a stark contrast that Trump hammered on with his pledge to “drain the swamp.”

Unelected rulers making lots of money with little to no accountability while dictating the way Everyone Else must live.

Fuller tends to be an optimist when it comes to Washington’s growth and has watched as four Washington suburbs have climbed the rankings to join the list of the 10 wealthiest counties in the United States.

The area mostly avoided the recession because of government money. Perhaps it’s time that the federal government was reduced, along with the reliance on suckling at the government teet.

It’s about time we have a president who cares more about the American people outside the D.C. bubble.  Washington D.C. is  booming town, the only one in the area, which is why politicians have lost touch with reality.

People are hurting across the country.  It’s why they voted for Donald Trump.  The politicians in Washington made sure their environment was taken care of, when they’re supposed to be representing We the People.

Politicians are not supposed to do better than the people they work for.  They are supposed to make sure their constituents are able to do the best they can without government intervention, but somewhere along the line they have forgotten the reason they went to Washington in the first place.

I think 20 percent is not enough, but it’s a good start.  Call your Congress people and let them know you support the budget cuts in Trump’s budget.


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