• June 17, 2024

Little Girl Chases Down Thug Who Steals Her Mom’s Wallet!

A girl in California fought off a man who attempted to steal her mother’s wallet.

Genesis Ramos, a 10-year-old from Santa Ana, California, was reportedly sitting in the family’s car with her 12-year-old sister at a 7-Eleven while her mother, Grace, ran inside to use the ATM. A man who had just shoplifted from the store spotted Mrs Ramos’ wallet sitting on the center console.

He approached the car and grabbed the wallet, prompting Genesis to go after him. She followed him back to his car, and he made several attempts to get inside and drive away.

“He was really close to closing (his car) door but I yanked it back open,” she told NBC Los Angeles. “He kept on trying to close it, but I kept on trying to open it, so he gave up.”

 The man gave the wallet back and began to drive away. As he was leaving, Genesis took out her cellphone and took a picture of his license plate.

“She’s so brave – I’m so scared when I think about that,” Mrs Ramos said. “Anything could happen, but thank God everything came out good.”

Police are now searching for the thief, who is reportedly a regular at the store, according to ABC 7.

Genesis’ incredible act of bravery might have saved her mother’s wallet, but she said realizes just how lucky she is that she ended up safe as well.

“I was brave but (mom) said next time to not do that, to let him go because my life is worth more than her wallet,” she said.

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