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Little Girl Nearly Dies From Hanging By School Uniform

Marley Oster and her friend Madison were outside playing for recess.  Marley was wearing the bucket hat that’s part of the school uniform, when she slid down the slide and the hat got caught in a crack and Marley was left hanging.  Fortunately, Madison saw what had happened and was able to manually open the safety  latch.  For some reason it failed to unfasten as it’s designed to do. Doctors told Marley’s mom that if she had been left hangibg for another 45 seconds, her windpipe would have collapsed.


Marley’s mom, Gail Oster, further explained the situation to The Advertiser:

“The bell was about to go [when the accident happened]. If Madison wasn’t there, all the children would have been inside and Marley would have been left there. The slide faces the carpark at the back of the school so no one would have found her.”

The accident, Oster said, left her daughter with serious injuries:

“It resulted in a really bad neck injury. The doctor told me another 45 seconds and her windpipe would have collapsed.”

Oster is now calling Madison “a hero.”



According to The Advertiser, Oster purchased the hat from the school just one day before the accident occurred.

Now she’s warning other parents whose children have similar hats to check to see if the safety clip does its job properly.

This isn’t the first time a child has almost been strangled to death by the hat.

As The Advertiser reports, the chord of another girl’s hat became wrapped around a climbing net she was on, and another child’s his chord became stuck as he “climbed a frame.”

While these incidents occurred in Australia, similar styles of bucket hats are sold in the United States:

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