• June 21, 2024

Louisville Dad Punishes Daughter Publicly For Her Online Activities, Punishment Goes Viral (Photos)

As a punishment for lying about her age to try and date an older boy, Louisville, Kentucky, dad Kevin Jones decided to resort to embarrassing his daughter as much as he could.

Jones reportedly caught his 10-year-old daughter lying about her age on social media and posting pictures of herself that made her look older. When Jones found out that she had an older boyfriend, he came up with a creative way to make sure that she learned a lesson.

To punish her for lying and sneaking around, Jones decided to make a t-shirt that reads “I am 10 years old” on the front and “5th grader” on the back and force his daughter to wear it while posing in pictures. Additionally, Jones decided that he needed to dress his daughter for her age so that she would get the point of the punishment, so he put her in pig tails with bows in her hair and made her carry a princess backpack.

“She claims to be in love and going out with a boyfriend which is completely against my rules!!!!” wrote Jones on his Facebook page, along with the photos. “I uncovered that she has been doing this for quite some time. Here’s the consequences behind her actions.”

Since being posted last week, the photos and post have garnered close to 250,000 likes and 77,000 shares.

“You did the right thing,” wrote a supportive Facebook commenter. “I bet she got in line real quick . So keep it up. You’re an awesome dad. She will thank you later when she’s not pregnant at 12 and has a standing chance in this world.”

Do you think this dad acted appropriately?

Sources: Daily MailMadame Noir OV

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