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Love Bites…Teen Suffers Death by Hickey [VIDEO]

Julio Macias Gonzalez had received several love bites also known as hickeys from his girlfriend as a sign of affection.  What she didn’t know, and neither did he is that a hickey can cause a blood clot.  Those blood clots can lead to a stroke.  For Gonzalez, that is exactly what happened as he collapsed in the middle of dinner and died of a stroke soon after.


Everyone grew worried when the teen lover suddenly started convulsing during a routine family dinner. He then collapsed into his dinner plate and his family called emergency services and had him rushed to the hospital. But the intervention was too little too late.

Earlier that same evening, Julio had spent some time with his girlfriend when things got hot and heavy. As they started kissing, she leaned forward and gave him a love bite on the teen’s neck. The bite broke the capillaries at the surface of his skin and produced a common hickey.

However, this hickey ended up not being as normal as usual. It produced a blood clot. This became dislodged and traveled through his artery up into his brain. When it did, the teen collapsed at the diner table and died.

Now his family is blaming the boy’s 24-year-old girlfriend for his premature death. Although the hickey was never meant to hurt her lover, it did and now she is on the run. She must feel guilty for being the cause of her boyfriend’s untimely demise.

People dying from hickeys is not a common occurrence but it does happen.  A 44 year old woman suffered a stroke as result of a love bite.  She survived but lost movement on the right side of her body.


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