• December 11, 2023

Lynch, Comey Could Have Detailed Knowledge of Alleged Obama Wiretapping [VIDEO]

We already know that Loretta Lynch would more than likely be a dead end because she followed the Obama mafia-like code of Omertà. But James Comey could be a valuable source depending on whose side he is on.

Nothing happens of this nature in the FBI without the Director knowing about it, and nothing happens of this nature in the Department of Justice without the Attorney General having knowledge of it. FBI agents don’t just go rogue on their own.

Lynch is a known scumbag liar who would more than likely throw a subordinate under the bus to avoid responsibility, but Comey seems to at least tries to appear to be a man of honor and integrity. So my advice would be to use Director Comey’s intimate knowledge of the FBI wiretapping to get to the bottom of what Loretta Lynch knew and when she know it. Cut deals with Lynch, which we know she will more than likely take, to go after her boss Barack Obama, because we know also that nothing of this nature ever went down without Barack Obama being in the middle of it.

H/T Fox News Insider

Former Department of Justice lawyer J. Christian Adams joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” to explain the process behind applying for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court request as its relates to President Donald Trump’s accusations of the Obama administration wiretapping Trump Tower.

Adams said FISA is a special federal court appointed by the chief justice of the United States that reviews applications to monitor what are potentially foreign agents, influences or powers communicating or operating within the U.S.

“The attorney general of the United Sates has to certify FISA applications. They’re done by the FBI,” he said.

As such, he said former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey may have “intimate knowledge” of any alleged wiretapping that went on at Trump Tower.

He also said former President Barack Obama was likely aware of anything that was going on.

“There are answers we can obtain if the right questions are asked,” Adams said.

Adams added that the recusal of current Attorney General Jeff Sessions from any investigations relating to the 2016 presidential campaign helps out the “career swamp bureaucrats” since no deputy attorney general has been appointed, thus delaying any investigation.

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