• October 5, 2022

Mainstream Media Finally Admits That Hillary’s Campaign Is Dying

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is dying, the mainstream media is finally admitting.

The Wall Street Journal in particular likened the Clinton campaign to Jeb Bush’s failed GOP bid, a surprising – yet brutally honest – admission from the establishment media which indicates the global elite are closing the door on the Clinton dynasty.

And the WSJ wasn’t off-base. In an interview with the Washington Post, Clinton’s chief strategist Joel Benenson claimed that voters would choose Clinton over Trump because her “policies and priorities are better,” but that statement’s no different than what the Bush campaign said about Trump last year, and where’s Bush now?

The WSJ even pointed out the discrepancy between Benenson’s statement to Hillary’s own admission that Bill Clinton will be “in charge of revitalizing the economy” if she wins the White House.

“Trump, meanwhile, said he’ll put Melania in charge of revitalizing the economy… that’s a joke, but and it’s not as funny as Mrs. Clinton’s assertion, which evidently is meant to be taken seriously,” the newspaper stated. “Besides, have you seen Bill Clinton lately? Someone should be in charge of revitalizing him.”

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