• March 31, 2023

Man Bites Into McDonald’s Cheeseburger, Is Thrilled To Find Something Bizarre Inside…

We have all heard stories before of people eating a fast food meal and finding some sort of less-than-desirable extra ingredient or item hidden in their food.

While most people are generally sickened or upset when such incidents occur, a Virginia man who recently claimed to have found something in his McDonald’s burger was quite pleased with the veritable jackpot he felt he had just scored.

According to WTVR, a man named Dave Cook had visited a Chesterfield County McDonald’s with his mother for an early lunch, where he ordered a plain double-stack cheeseburger, only to find what appeared to be money inside the burger after taking a bite.

“I was like, ‘what is this?’” Cook told the station. “A $20 bill in my cheeseburger!”


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