Man Casts JuJu Spell On Adulterous Lovers And They Get Stuck While Having Sex [VIDEO]

A cheating couple had to do the ultimate parade of shame when the man’s penis got stuck inside his secret lover during sex.


An unverified video of an undisclosed location of the incident appears to show; the humiliated and naked pair was paraded through the streets in a desperate bid to get medical help so they could finally get separated. They were forced to be carried through bustling streets packed with shocked locals on their way to get urgent medical help.
The woman accused of committing adultery was caught after her husband reportedly used a potion to catch her in the act.


The magun – or Juju – was used by the cuckolded man in a bid to shame his wife when she went to meet her lover at a hotel in Kenya.

A video captured the humiliated couple still naked and stuck together being paraded through the streets, in a desperate bid to seek medical advice.

The woman, trying to hide under a bed sheet, is with the man who seems less shy as the pair are wheeled along on a wooden cart.
The couple had been having sex at a hotel called the Explor-Inn when the man found he was unable to separate from his married lover.

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