• April 19, 2024

Man Is Arrested After Digging Up Corpse & Being Overly “Friendly” With It

A 21-year-old Russian man has been arrested on charges of necrophilia after he allegedly exhumed the corpse of a newly buried woman and raped it repeatedly until he was caught by cemetery attendants.

Police reports that the man had dug the grave of the 39-year-old woman and brought out the coffin which he opened and sexually molested the body.

The shocking incident allegedly took place at Monchegorsk graveyard in the far north region of Murmansk, Russia.

The man has not been named but is from the neighbouring region Arkhangelsk region while a criminal case has been opened under an article of the Russian criminal code on desecration of the dead and their burial places.

The maximum punishment under the law would be three months in prison, or a fine of up to £400.

It is the second case of a sexual attack on a dead woman in the north of Russia this year. This first was in the Komi Republic when two men were jailed for molesting the body of a young woman in February.

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