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McDonald’s Employee Leaps Through Drive Thru Window To Save Cop’s Life [VIDEO]



Pedro Victoria was working the drive thru window at McDonald’s when he noticed a woman with two kids apparently struggling to breath.  After grabbing her food, off duty cop who was not named drove away and the car came to rest on the median, with her children panicking.  With no hesitation, Victoria lept through the drive thru window and rushed to the car.  He ordered the children to call 911 and he ran back to the restaurant to get more help.

Fortunately, just at that moment a fireman was in the McDonalds and Victoria led him back to the car, where the fireman administered CPR and used an automated external defibrillator machine to bring the woman back.

Victoria spoke about his actions:

“In that moment, I thought, I’d rather save that woman’s life.  I see she’s like inflating her neck, like trying to breathe, like ‘ahh,’ and basically I thought something was going wrong.”

“Her kids were screaming, ‘Mother, mother, stop it, mother what are you doing?’”

“I thought if these kids lose their mother today, that’s going to be tragic.  It is what a hero does. If I needed to die to save that woman, I would have done it.”

From NBC:

“What! I saved an officer’s life? I can’t believe this,” he said.

Alex Menendez, the owner of the McDonald’s, said his thoughts and prayers are with the officer and added that he was proud of his employee.

“He is an excellent employee, so it didn’t surprise me that he took immediate action and jumped through a window to help save this woman,” he said in a statement. “And he was not the only member of the team that played a pivotal role in ensuring she received the medical attention she needed. A second employee, who asked to remain unnamed, assisted with CPR.”


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